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About S2 Health Partners LLC

S2 Health Partners LLC is a leading provider of data abstraction services for doctors and healthcare professionals. With a team of dedicated experts, we specialize in assisting healthcare providers in routinely filling out societal registries. Our comprehensive services aim to streamline data collection and contribute to the advancement of clinical analysis and quality assessment in the healthcare industry.

S2 Health Partners

Meet Our Team

Jerry D. Scott

Co-Founder and CEO

Jerry D. Scott is a prominent entrepreneur and executive in the healthcare technology domain. He’s founded several notable companies, such as Healthcare Communications Inc., MedBiquitous Services Inc., CyberPlus Corporation, and Lab Force Inc., and has secured capital for their expansion. Beyond his direct ventures, Scott has mentored numerous aspiring executives. He also plays an advisory and investment role in diverse sectors. One of his substantial contributions was leading a project for The Cleveland Clinic, creating an extensive AI-powered clinical database to aid clinical research and quality reporting. Furthermore, he co-founded 1 True Health, a clinical services firm.

Dale R. Zwart

Chief Technology Officer

Dale R. Zwart is a valued member of our team, with extensive experience in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), specializing in the cardiology domain. With a deep understanding of both the technical and medical aspects, Dale ensures the accuracy and relevance of the data collected, contributing significantly to our clients’ clinical analysis and quality assessment endeavors in cardiology. Dale played a pivotal role as the originator and primary architect behind the development of the AskMayoExpert system at the Mayo Clinic, as well as the CardioCompass lifelong learning system for the American College of Cardiology.

Jeffrey M. Stone

Co-Founder and CFO

Jeffrey M. Stone is an experienced business executive with healthcare investing experience in early-stage companies. He was a former Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) while collaborating with UTSW Medical Center (UTSW) on a novel medical device, and is presently Co-Founder and CEO of another collaboration with UTSW named OncoSeer Diagnostics, Inc. With his strategic insights and leadership skills, Jeff Stone plays a crucial role in guiding our organization towards achieving excellence in data abstraction services and other new industry collaborations.